Terms of Use

Restrictions are as follows:


Access is for linear broadcast reporting (i) for Rightsholders and (ii) where pre-approved by Ryder Cup News Service Team, Non-Rightsholders subject to the Terms below. Acceptance of the Terms is deemed upon usage. Except where specifically provided for in the Terms below (point 7), non-linear / digital reporting is excluded; should non-linear / digital reporting be desired, please directly contact the Ryder Cup News Service with your request.

1.       Content Access by Non-Rightsholders is for users pre-approved by RC News Service only and only available on the terms set out herein. Access may be withdrawn without notice or reason, at the discretion of the RC News Service for the purposes of ensuring compliance with these terms.

2.       Non-Rightsholders may not, without limitation:

-       add any sponsorship, product placement, signs or other commercial credits in, on or around its broadcasts, transmissions and/or streaming of Content; and/or

-       enter into any sponsorship agreements for the broadcast, transmission and/or streaming of Content; and/or

-       place any advertising or other commercial message before, during or after the broadcast, transmission or streaming of Content, in such a manner as to imply an association or connection between any third party, or third party's products or services, and the Content; and/or

-       alter or add to Content so as to remove, change or obscure any advertising or other commercial messages appearing in the Content.


3.       Non-Rightsholders or news agencies may not make available or provide Match Action Content to any third party without the consent of the RC News Service.


4.       Non-Rightsholders may only use Content in regularly scheduled bona fide linear television broadcast news programmes/bulletins (unless specifically otherwise pre-approved by RC News Service). They can use no more than 120 seconds of match action Content, as part of 300 seconds of total content featured per day, and shall not be used later than 48 hours from initial access.

The linear television broadcast may be simulcast on the broadcaster’s own website, provided such website is geo-secured to users within such broadcaster’s territory. Further, RC News Service will consider requests for sport news and/or news-bulletin featuring Content to be available on-demand on such website for a further period of 48 hours.

5.       Non-Rightsholders in North America may use no match/ inside the ropes action Content without the prior consent of the PGA of America / Territory Rightsholder.

6.       Usage of match action Content by Non-Rightsholders shall be subject to the following:

-       In all events, may not be broadcast until the day’s live coverage by the primary rightsholder has concluded.

-       In the UK/Eire and German/Austria, Non-Rightsholders must seek the pre-approval of the primary rightsholder respectively (Sky UK in UK/Eire; Sky Deutschland in Germany/Austria), who if they approve usage shall be entitled to impose their own restrictions, which will include a courtesy credit and restriction on seconds.

-       SNTV-Clients will have direct internal access to all files from the SNTV-Client-System.

7.       Digital Reporting: Footage from the media centre interview room and self-shot footage from other designated media filming areas (media pen on the practice range and media mixed zone)  must not 120 seconds in total per day of the Event, to be made available on websites and/or mobile websites owned or controlled by the Applicant provided that all such content shall be removed from such websites/mobile websites by no later than 7th October 2018. 




In order to broadcast from The Ryder Cup, the Applicant must complete the attached form and obtain prior consent and official accreditation from Ryder Cup Ltd, which, if granted, will be subject to these Radio News Terms & Conditions.


Any accreditation granted to Applicant under these Terms will only permit Applicant to make audio recordings for transmission by the radio stations specified in Applicant’s application form on the following conditions:

 (i) All radio reports must be retrospective;

 (ii) Radio reports may not exceed two minutes (inclusive of any interview clips) per hour on each radio station licensed hereunder;

 (iii) Unless The Ryder Cup’s prior written consent is obtained and (at Ryder Cup Ltd’s discretion) any additional fees agreed, Applicant shall not be entitled to carry out any live presenting at any location on-site at The Ryder Cup venue;

 (iv) Radio reports must be part of the radio station’s regularly scheduled news and/or sports bulletins;

 (v) Radio reports must only be heard on the internet as part of the radio’s live simulcast on its own website. There can be no on-demand or downloadable audio related solely to The Ryder Cup;

 (vi) Applicant must not attempt to interview any players outside of the Mixed Zone;

 (vii) No audio material recorded in the Mixed Zone should be used as stand alone segments on any website or other digital or mobile platform unless agreed in writing in advance with The Ryder Cup;

 (viii) Applicant will not be granted ‘inside the ropes’ access; and

 (ix) Applicant shall refer to the event as The Ryder Cup at all times in any radio reports made pursuant to these Terms.