Terms of Use

Restrictions are as follows:

Broadcast: DP World Tour news material to be used in regularly scheduled (non-sponsored) sport news and/or news-bulletins. Not to be accessible before conclusion of that day’s play. Maximum use 2 minutes. Use within 48 hours. STRICTLY No archive.

o   For broadcast clients in Germany & Austria, max use 2 minutes per Event Day in regularly scheduled news or sports news programs (except news programs with sole focus on golf). Use within 48 hours. STRICTLY No archive. No use prior to and/or during Sky Germany’s live broadcast of the respective event.

o   For broadcast clients in UK, all match action is to be sourced directly from Sky Sports UK via the Sports News Access Code (SNAC).

Digital: Where the DP World news material is featured within a broadcaster’s sport news and/or news-bulletin, such may be simulcast (unmodified) on the broadcaster’s geo-blocked website; and made available on-demand on such website for a further period of 48 hours. Except as above stated, no digital rights are granted and should such be required kindly contact us.

The content of the News Service such as Interviews, Scenics, Colour-Footage and Impressions is free of any restrictions. Restrictions apply only to the Match-Footage, such as Player-Highlights.